Tuesday, July 5, 2011

So I've been tagged! (Thanks SA! XP)

Helllllooooooo all! it's been awhile! sorry about that! oh btw this is Tricia! :) Life has been pretty crazy and plus I have a very intense poking war going on with SA (who's the one that tagged me.) which I am going to win!!! It's my destiny! so yeah I guess I should get on with it. *ahem*

Are you hot/warm/cold right now? where are you at?
I am kinda cold but that's nothing a blanket won't fix.
I'm at my grandmas :)

Upload a picture of the wallpaper you are using.
Actually it's my sisters but ah. well. :)
When was the last time you ate chicken?
haha. I ate some today. weird.

What song or songs have you been listening to recently?
Hmmmmmm...... Let's see..... Lots of Lecrae, Celtic Thunder (of course), B. Reith, and Audrey Assad. 

Do you have any nicknames? if so, what are they?
Ok. I hope ya'll are ready for this! Most people call me Tricia. My best friend and some of my sisters call me Trish from time to time. My sister Evelyn calls me Tricia-pooh. Bethany calls me Ryan. My CT sisters call me Mrs. Harkin #1. I think that's it. OH! Jorie calls me Lady Raven too. haha. yeah I think that's it.

So apparently I get to tag people now! >:D mwahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha..........
Crazy C:figriosity
Mill:he probably won't even check this :D hehe
Misty: She probably won't check this either..... :))
Phillip:He's gonna hate me.... XD
let's see who should I do last............... MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA........ *evil grin*
SA:hehehehehehahahahahaha..... you knew this was coming! >:D POKE!

well, that's it  for me! Later! :) -Tricia

Friday, December 31, 2010


I forgot to tell ya'll Happy New Year!!!
So yeah....HAPPY NEW YEAR!! XD
Be strong in the Lord, and always hope.


Tricia here! I'm on my way back home from Mineral Wells! Should be home by midnight. Today was sad at the beginning with my great-aunts funeral and all. But it was fun at the end because we went to my Uncle Jim's house and rode his 2 horses!! Sarah (one of my sisters) rode Macy and I rode Pretty Lady, and then we switched! Now I must tell ya'll I've only ridden once before this but Uncle Jim said i rode real well! Not sure i believe him! :) i think my favorite one to ride is Macy! She's part Arabian! She LOVES to go fast and I found i love to too! So anywho! It was a very fun way to end our trip! And Uncle Jim says to come back anytime! YAY! He may regret that!! XD I'll try to post some pics of us with the horses!
Be strong in the Lord, and always hope.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Our first post!

Tricia: Applause! *clap, clap, clap*  Misty: Yes, I would like to thank everybody who inspired me to make this blog.  Tricia: *cough cough* me... *cough*  Misty: <_< Yes... you.  Tricia: *grins* My turn! Hello world! Or... random people.  Misty: That's it..? That's all you got?  Tricia: Hey, I was up until almost 3 am!  Misty: It was 3. More like, 3:10. But that's because every time I said 'goodnight' you kept talking!!!!  Tricia: I can't help it!! Meanie.  Misty: ... so now we're fighting on our blog? Me thinks this blog thing won't work out for very long....  Tricia: ah, please.... we fight all the time.  Misty: ... Not true! Besides, in real life, we were laughing our heads off! XD Tricia: Hmm.. true. Fine.  Misty: ^_^

Tricia: We should tell them about our... our... our connect 4 battle!  Misty: You mean the battle I won? *smirks*   Tricia: *sticks tongue out* I was winning in the beginning. In fact, it looked like I was going to win!  Misty: That's because, I was texting DJ at the same time. And you kept wanting to go fast. And if that kid didn't text crazy fast, I would have won faster! But whatever.   Tricia: Excuses, excuses. Blame it on DJ.  Misty: That's an excellent idea. I think I shall. Sorry, DJ.  Tricia: Poor, DJ.  Misty: You wouldn't be saying that if you'd seen what he's teased me about. :P He only deserves it.  Tricia: You would be saying that.  Misty: Fine, fine. whatever. DJ, I apologize. Tis not your fault... mostly.  Tricia: I'm still your friend, DJ!... sorta. I mean... we're still friends on facebook... right?  Misty: *rolls eyes* This is just sad.   Tricia: what? I've never actually talked to him.  Misty: *snaps fingers* wait! I just remembered! I was actually texting EDJ (he did say that at one point) So... it's EDJ's fault! DJ, tisn't your fault.  Tricia: *laughs* Misty: Besides which, why am I saying it's people's fault? I mean, I still won in the end. So all you readers out there, can ignore this paragraph.  Tricia: But I'm the better connect 4 player.  Misty: Yeah. We've got mad skills, so watch out people!   Tricia: Yeah, people 6 and up!Watch out!

Be strong in the Lord,

And never give up hope!